What we do?

Mentor Education is an LCC company based in Belgrade, Serbia. It promotes, organises and manages internships and educational programs for students, teaching staff, young workers and organisations from all over Europe. In Mentor we aim to bring people together and provide high-quality educational and vocational opportunities, focusing on environmental responsibility and sustainable practices. We believe in teamwork, creating a network with the best professionals, tutors and volunteers and we intend to encourage participation in European programs, supporting the development of the European Education Area.

Our programs

We design and implement a grand variety of educational and vocational programs such us: Graphic and Web designers, Tourism and hospitality, Religious tourism, Interior designers, Physiotherapy Occupational therapy, Sports trainers, Fashion Beauticians, Chefs Business Administration and finance.

Professional collaborations

We are always open to collaborate with professionals and companies who would like to share their expertise, exchange best practices and support an open European educational area for all.


Efi Laska General director and communications specialist. I believe that education can make the world a better place.

Who is Mentor?

Mentor was a character in Homer's Odyssey, portrayed as an old friend of Ulysses, who guided young Telemachus to look for his father. It is assumed the goddess Athena was the real Mentor, changing forms not to be recognizable. During the ten-year Trojan War, Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, left his wife Penelope and his son Telemachus to lead his army. Odysseus placed Telemachus under the care of a guardian called Mentor, whose job it was to protect and guide him.

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